K-9 Vests Program

‘Beware those of you tempted to punch a horse during a demonstration or to kick a dog sniffing the luggage at your feet...harming these 4-legged law agents is now a Federal Offense.’ - ABCNews.com

RSA Section 644:8-d New Hampshire Law
Maiming, killing or willful interference with NH Police Dogs or Horses is a Class B Felony.

17-A MRSA 752-B Maine Law
The same language that prohibits interfering with a Maine police dog now applies to interfering with a police horse. Class C & D crimes.

Finally, the recognition of the K-9 Service Dog and the worth of the Officer/K-9 partnership has gained its rightful legal status. Yet, even as we're thankful this particular goal has been acheived, another immediately surfaces. The legal system is not the only one recognizing the effectiveness of the Police K-9 ...so are the bad guys.

That's why we started the "Vests for K-9 Program". Bulletproof vests for the K-9's must be individually tailored for safety, comfort and fit. One size fits most just won't work.No matter how valuable a vest might be, if the vest chafes, slips or restricts movement it is a liability to the dog, not an asset. This individual fitting makes these vests quite pricey and not every department can meet that expenditure.

That's where YOU come in...we want to ensure that every K-9 is fitted with the vest that may save his life while he is in in the act of saving ours. We are able to outfit a K-9 team with a tailored, comfortable, flexible, cool vest for a cost of approximately $450.00, approximatley half the national average. To date the Working Dog Foundation, because of you, has handed out, FOR FREE, 25+ of these vests to teams across NH, Maine and Mass. Thank-You! However the job is not done until every K-9 Team that needs a vest has one.

All donations are totally tax deductible and 100% of the Vests for K-9 donation goes to the vest program fund. No donation is too small or too big because every penny of it goes to the POLICE DOGS!

Grants awarded

Alton, NH Epping, NH Lincoln County, ME
Barrington, NH Epsom, NH Londonderry, NH
Belmont, NH Essex County, MA Nashua, NH
Canaan, NH Falmouth, NH New Durham, NH
Claremont, NH Gorham, NH Newport, NH
Concord, NH Hooksett, NH Northwood, NH
Conway, NH Hudson, NH Old Orchard Beach, ME
Cumberland County, ME Keene, NH Pelham, NH
Dover, NH Laconia, NH Portland, ME

Request a K-9 Vests Grant
We are able to consider grants for New England only. To request a grant, please contact , Patti Ferland.