What We Do

We support the placement, equipping, training, and care of police dogs through community awareness, education, and fundraising programs.

Our mission
The Working Dog Foundation was established to ensure that communities in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts would always be able to train and care for their K-9 teams. As town and municipal budgets are reduced, police and public safety departments have been forced to review their K-9 resources. As a result, budgets for training and travel to out-of-state training facilities have often been cut or eliminated.

We are a single, trusted resource for communities and law enforcement agencies who want to maintain high-quality K-9 programs. In addition to locating and placing qualified dogs, the Working Dog Foundation raises funds and provides facilities for training, testing, and certifying police K-9's and their handlers.

We are internationally recognized for our:

  • Efforts in promoting Police/Working Dogs throughout the world
  • USPCA approved training facility
  • USPCA certified trainers
  • K-9 related educational and training seminars
  • Seed grants (dogs and equipment) for NH, Maine and Mass. police depts.
  • K-9 vest grants for departments that needing them
  • Seminars with internationally recognized experts
  • The New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy
  • Establishing minimum standards for certifying Police K-9 teams
  • Improving the abilities of the canine in police work
  • Dedicated volunteer membership