Fundraising Tips

Not in New Hampshire, Maine or Massachusetts but looking to start and fund your own K-9 Unit? Here are some tips we’ve picked up during our fifteen years doing it.

Unfortunately the Working Dog Foundation does not award grants to teams outside the New England area. We can however help you in your search for money.

  • When raising money for the dog teams, we have found a tremendous amount of support for them does exist in the civilian sector. It will take work on your part to find it and then convince them that yours is the right cause; but rest assured you will find it in time.
  • The best place to find money for the team is within your local community itself. Getting the word out will be step one,then physically visiting the merchants and owners and discussing the proposal will be next. Some States have laws preventing the police from soliciting money for programs so you should check first. If they are reluctant to give money perhaps a service or product that will help the team (food, vet care etc) or maybe a raffle prize.
  • The next step is to ask for help from your State Senators and Representatives to the Federal Government. Ask them to help you locate potential Federal grants and once found, ask them to help you fill it out and track it. They have been a great resource for us in locating and helping us obtain the things we need.
  • Your State National Guard is a good resource for surplus equipment that can help your team (vehicles, wood, screens etc.) and are more than willing to help. Most National Guard Units have a civilian law enforcement assistance task force or similar program. Our Foundation's training grounds are on the NH National Guard's Property and they have been one of our staunchest supporters.
  • You can also write or call the State’s Attorney General Office or the Secretary of State's Office for a complete list of the registered non-profit organizations working within the State.There will be hundreds of them and they usually give a brief gist of what they give money for. You can apply to ALL of them.
  • Lastly the raffle or selling of tee shirts etc. to help get the word out and gain support for the cause. Use the radio station to help and newspapers to write articles on your efforts. The key is to get organized and start working. Never give up. It may take time but if the Department supports your efforts the community will follow with what you need.